Running Coaching

Discover how your running form is having impact on your efficiency.

Personal one to one sessions
(1 hour/per session)
Before one-to-one sessions take place you must first book in for a running assessment that includes Gait Analysis.

Pose Courses
(1 or 2 days):
They can be one-to-one or up to 4 people per course.
The day courses will be intensive and take you through the basic to advanced stages of Pose Running.

Available to Clubs, Schools and Groups. Book in for a presentation to learn and understand the benefits of Pose Running. 

For more details, videos and images please visit the full website here:

"After 2 months of injury free running, my confidence and fitness are growing by the day. But more importantly I am enjoying my running once more, as the fear of injuries continues to subside. All I have learnt from Simon will be invaluable in my quest to achieve my potential in further competition. Thank you Simon. "

Becky Lyne - European Championships Bronze Medalist 800m '06

"Before working with Simon I regularly picked up injuries such as shin splints, Achilles tendentious and plantar fasciitis, to name a few. Through Pose and particularly Simon's coaching style, my running has seen vast improvements in efficiency and in my understanding of the perfect running technique. But the biggest result is that I have not picked up a single injury. As a Great Britain triathlete it is vital for me to stay injury free in order to complete the required volume of training necessary to compete at an international level. And working with Simon has enabled me to do that; it has been invaluable, thanks a lot. "

Dan Sims - 1st in the U23 - 2010 British Sprint Triathlon Championships